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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Daytime-Nightmare Downtown Brooklyn, NY

Oh! If you only knew the pain and agony downtown-Brooklyn, NY caused me today. There are definitely do's and don'ts when shopping/browsing on Fulton's shopping area (downtown Brooklyn). The second you walk onto the shopping strip there will be parasite-like men trying to seduce you to either; listen/buy their mix tape or promote some horrible sale for an even more horrible store. These "parasites" will do almost anything to get your attention. They do not care if you're having a phone/in-person conversation, deaf, or, my personal favorite, literally blasting music. The "parasites" will jump in front of you, grab you, walk along side of you, and/or follow you until you curse them out, as I did. In order to prevent being harassed you must be very observant and able to spot the "parasites". Once they are spotted you must cross streets (change sidewalks) within the same feet that you'd blinker for a turn in your vehicle(100ft). I assure that this method will prevent the "parasites" from trying to suck money out your pockets.

Now, stores like THIS is what drives me insane! How can you sell wedding and church attire in the same exact store as fake/cheap jewelery? I don't know of you can notice but look very closely to the second row(box) of ear-rings...Are those BAMBOO ear-rings? I rest my case! What I sincerely desire to say about this store and stores like this is very obvious. Also, I dare anyone to tell me that THIS is kosher, that THIS is acceptable! Who goes to get jewelery'd up for a wedding, or church for that matter? You do DO NOT "accessorize" a wedding dress! Closed chapter.
Um, does anyone care to explain this madness to me? This brings me to the end of my daytime-nightmare downtown Brooklyn, NY that I unfortunately experienced earlier today. G-Shock watches go for $120 (on average), these FAKE G-Shocks are sold for about 80-dollars. Why would you spend more than half the price on a FAKE watch when you can double it and stay loyal to yourself (purchase the real deal)?! I don't understand how stores like THIS are able to even sell FAKE watches, clothing, sneakers, etc. I can never "fake it, till I make it", I would rather not have it or go broke just to have the authentic item. It's totally different when you purchase a "no-name" brand than if you purposely purchase the fake, impostor, unauthentic one. This is not okay people, we have to stay loyal to ourselves. It's not about anyone being able to say "hey, that's not the real one!", but it is about being true to thy self. This exposes many people's integrity. In conclusion, 3 words;

-Goodnight all

Monday, April 26, 2010

I am...

Here I am, 23yrs young and have leaped into the life of a fashionistO. I'm an assistant/stylist for a very talented & cool celeb-designer. Okay, so this will not be the bio of Calvin Chandler, so lets make this brief yet introductory. Warning: my blogs will be very spontaneous yet meaningful (to me), which most judge as "random". Just as my blog-name says, "Peep In My Window", you, the viewer, will be doing just that. Peeping in my mental window, what do I ponder about, what interests me, what catches my eye, are few of many questions that will be unintentionally answered by reading and following my blogs. So buckle your seat-belts, get your milk & cookies ready, because we're going live in ..5 ...4 ..3 ...2 ........