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Monday, May 24, 2010

Chris Brown (Feat. Tyga & Kevin MCcall) - Deuces

"Thought it was true love, but you know women lie" - Tyga

I think the title "Deuces" and quote by Tyga pretty much explains the video prior to your viewing. I love the song, I think the video could of reflected more of a break-up between each artist and their significant other. Moreover, I'm very appreciative that CB, Tyga & K.McCall went the opposite route from the songs that have been produced and aired lately by other artists. Elaboration: I'm sick and tired of these mushy love songs that has everyone in a conditional, desperate relationship...I RARELY listen to love/slow songs..It doesn't relate to me so it's irrelevant to my iPod and ears. I have been beating myself up, prior to this song/video, trying to figure out a song to reflect how I felt about past relationships, love in general, and every girl that has tried to convince to "let them in" after my last break-up. I'm not heartbroken, anymore(lol), I'm just over relationships. I felt I've focused too much and put my everything in girls for too long, ...NOW IT'S MY TURN! Call me selfish *shrugs*, call me cold-hearted, call me alone, but just cause I'm alone doesn't mean I'm LONELY*wink*. A wise man once said; "For happiness one has to be care-free(apathy)." ..I second that and believe a lot of the times in life you have to care about yourself, focus on what you, personally, wish to accomplish. On that note, having a significant other can alter that...well for me it did..I loved too hard, willing to hold my breath just so they(ex's) can inhale. Therefore, this song epitomizes how I feel and felt. As I conclude this post I will exit with another quote from Tyga's verse on this track.

"...Fuck love, I'm tired of trying" - Tyga

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I Sk8 NY!

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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sex VS Love

Bobbing to this def beat, bitting my left cheek messy, sending AIM messages to Wendy
..shorty I bagged, she was fresher than vegetable
Face was awesome, her body sweeter than a berry fruit

2weeks of messages from the LX
Got her sucking and bitting on my neck, we practing safe seXxX
She whispered "got damn....shitttt, beat it the best"
I told her "well, don't call me 'CaS.' no more...I'm 'Beat it-The Best' "
I can't even front....she got me forgetting the rest
..I got a tXt "if you over ya ex'...lets take it to the next"

But damn...'808' was my favorite album of the year
..s0o, how can I fall in love if I taught myself to never again care
"Welcome 2 HeartBreak"...made me heartleSs
..and "HeartLeSs" made me think less of any chick that I get next

But shorty kept hitting me up
I'm beating it up..
...every text got me visualizing of palming her butt
BUT!! guard up like a Tyson fight
seXxX is right and that pussy sweeter than "Mike&Ikes"
But I'm more afraid than a 2yr old in a room without the light
DAMN, I can't defeat the fright

...of Loving her..I fear I might fuck it up
.....another heartbreak and I'ma be hooked on that grey-truck backing up
since I been single, I been less of haters, passing class, getting ass and saving paper

My heart cold so I stay with a damn fever
still "BALLING" .....and chicks on the side like cheerleaders

I can L00K....but can't GO back like a 1-Way'er
so I gave up
...and now cupid nicknamed me "The Love Slayer"
..."Dick Slanger"
....I'm a women major
All cause I was worn out, so I hung Love like aa coat-hanger

Now all I can give girls is the "Rappa Turnt Singer"......PAIN!
Damn, I can make any chik to a singer mannn

written by: Calvin M. Chandler(ME)
credits: Google for the picture and Cecilia J. Kim(photographer)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Drake - Find Your Love

*Before I go about this post: Drake lovers and not attempt to chop me because of my point of view.

Sooooo, I think Drake is very gifted and I like this song, but I think the video director may have messed the song up. In the beginning when Drake is talking to the yardi(Jamaican man) it is portrayed as if the song is about Drake trying to fight a violent guy who has a girl that actually wants Drake but is scared to leave her current man(violent guy). Then when the video starts they're in a club? No, no...the club scene was a typical and the girl was all over her current man so it portrayed that Drake was the obsessed one, as if the girl kept denying him but he just wouldn't give up. If you listen to the hook, the video could have been in a more mellow set. The video should of been about a girl breaking up with him(Drake)and Drake goes on a search to find her as she relocated to another city/state, hence "I'm more than just an option (hey, hey, heyy)....refuse to be forgotten (hey, hey, heyy)...I took a chance with my heart (hey, hey, heyy)..and I feel it taking over, ..I BETTER FIND YOUR LOVING, I BETTER FIND YOUR HEART". It clearly states how much he's in denial, and won't accept her leaving him --> "..refuse to be FORGOTTEN", so him going to search for her in her relocated area would make sense. Also "..I BETTER FIND YOUR LOVING, I BETTER FIND YOUR HEART" portrays his ambition and passionate love for her. As I bring this brief post to conclusion I just want to state that I really like THE SONG, and DRAKE as an artist..but the video could have painted a better and more congruent story (to the actual song).

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Our Worst Enemy

WE, ourselves, are our worst enemy. We can fight off others upon dislike/discomfort no matter if it's mentally, emotionally(in some cases), physically, etc. However, we can not compete with ourselves. We can cause ourselves so much pain(mentally/physically) and not even notice it, but even when it's noticeable it's sometimes unstoppable, and that's when it hurts most. For instance; I have a huge imagination therefore I'm very cognitive, which is not always a positive thing. So my question is: Do we ever win, when competing with ourselves? If we do win, is it ever really a lost but interpreted as a win based on ones morals? If you know for a fact that something is going to harm you, regardless the form of hurt, would you still take part in it? You can easily say no but you would be lying to yourself, because there are just somethings we can't fight off but we know it's harmful. Prime example: when you contact an ex-significant other knowing that they disrespected and misused you in more ways than one, is that not doing something that you KNOW will harm you? Next thing, you're emotionally hurt because he/she is still "punching" you where it hurts and it's really your fault because you don't have the willpower to fight your vulnerability ...or at least that's what you tell yourself! My personal issue is that I can't be quiet or isolated for too long before I start to think of what's not right in my life, and if I can't figure out how to better the situation I tend to stress myself. In this case, I can't help but think...about EVERYTHING, because I'm very cognitive but like I stated earlier "it isn't always positive". It sometimes gets frustrating because I know what I to do and not to do to prevent those times, yet I "lose" once in a while ..I guess today was ALMOST that. :)

*Word of advice for those that can relate: stay active, surround yourself with smiles and laughter, and don't listen to particular songs that will bring you to that moment of thought and what-not.


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Daytime-Nightmare Downtown Brooklyn, NY

Oh! If you only knew the pain and agony downtown-Brooklyn, NY caused me today. There are definitely do's and don'ts when shopping/browsing on Fulton's shopping area (downtown Brooklyn). The second you walk onto the shopping strip there will be parasite-like men trying to seduce you to either; listen/buy their mix tape or promote some horrible sale for an even more horrible store. These "parasites" will do almost anything to get your attention. They do not care if you're having a phone/in-person conversation, deaf, or, my personal favorite, literally blasting music. The "parasites" will jump in front of you, grab you, walk along side of you, and/or follow you until you curse them out, as I did. In order to prevent being harassed you must be very observant and able to spot the "parasites". Once they are spotted you must cross streets (change sidewalks) within the same feet that you'd blinker for a turn in your vehicle(100ft). I assure that this method will prevent the "parasites" from trying to suck money out your pockets.

Now, stores like THIS is what drives me insane! How can you sell wedding and church attire in the same exact store as fake/cheap jewelery? I don't know of you can notice but look very closely to the second row(box) of ear-rings...Are those BAMBOO ear-rings? I rest my case! What I sincerely desire to say about this store and stores like this is very obvious. Also, I dare anyone to tell me that THIS is kosher, that THIS is acceptable! Who goes to get jewelery'd up for a wedding, or church for that matter? You do DO NOT "accessorize" a wedding dress! Closed chapter.
Um, does anyone care to explain this madness to me? This brings me to the end of my daytime-nightmare downtown Brooklyn, NY that I unfortunately experienced earlier today. G-Shock watches go for $120 (on average), these FAKE G-Shocks are sold for about 80-dollars. Why would you spend more than half the price on a FAKE watch when you can double it and stay loyal to yourself (purchase the real deal)?! I don't understand how stores like THIS are able to even sell FAKE watches, clothing, sneakers, etc. I can never "fake it, till I make it", I would rather not have it or go broke just to have the authentic item. It's totally different when you purchase a "no-name" brand than if you purposely purchase the fake, impostor, unauthentic one. This is not okay people, we have to stay loyal to ourselves. It's not about anyone being able to say "hey, that's not the real one!", but it is about being true to thy self. This exposes many people's integrity. In conclusion, 3 words;

-Goodnight all