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Monday, May 24, 2010

Chris Brown (Feat. Tyga & Kevin MCcall) - Deuces

"Thought it was true love, but you know women lie" - Tyga

I think the title "Deuces" and quote by Tyga pretty much explains the video prior to your viewing. I love the song, I think the video could of reflected more of a break-up between each artist and their significant other. Moreover, I'm very appreciative that CB, Tyga & K.McCall went the opposite route from the songs that have been produced and aired lately by other artists. Elaboration: I'm sick and tired of these mushy love songs that has everyone in a conditional, desperate relationship...I RARELY listen to love/slow songs..It doesn't relate to me so it's irrelevant to my iPod and ears. I have been beating myself up, prior to this song/video, trying to figure out a song to reflect how I felt about past relationships, love in general, and every girl that has tried to convince to "let them in" after my last break-up. I'm not heartbroken, anymore(lol), I'm just over relationships. I felt I've focused too much and put my everything in girls for too long, ...NOW IT'S MY TURN! Call me selfish *shrugs*, call me cold-hearted, call me alone, but just cause I'm alone doesn't mean I'm LONELY*wink*. A wise man once said; "For happiness one has to be care-free(apathy)." ..I second that and believe a lot of the times in life you have to care about yourself, focus on what you, personally, wish to accomplish. On that note, having a significant other can alter that...well for me it did..I loved too hard, willing to hold my breath just so they(ex's) can inhale. Therefore, this song epitomizes how I feel and felt. As I conclude this post I will exit with another quote from Tyga's verse on this track.

"...Fuck love, I'm tired of trying" - Tyga


  1. I love you comment about living for yourself!
    You should always care for yourself more then others, and its not being selfish! How can you care for others when you leave yourself vacant?
    Your a great thinker and I appreciate your blog for being honest and not stupid!

  2. Thanks Jean, I appreciate the feedback and it's "funny" cause MORE people, mostly women, said I was selfish for being my own focus ..but I accept the lower percentage as correct due to the fact that conformity always has the higher percentage over differentness(one that thinks for him/herself), if that makes made sense in my head.

    P.S. LOL @ "I Hate CB"

  3. I like this song and it definitely seems like a musical representation of how you've described the place you're in. And that's why I like their visual representation. Even though the song is obviously meant to refer to someone, it's about them moving on. So there's no need to go back and illustrate the situation from the past. That actually seems more like a mushy love song video to me. Like some why did you leave me type ish.

    Oh and P.S./FYI I Hated the last verse. (Kevin MCcall

  4. Exactly! ..but what? I'm no major fan of Kev. McCall "my shorty always on some BULLshit like Chicago// so I flip that middle-finger and the index-finger follow//...DEUCES, we aint got no future in tomorrow// Im a DICK, it shouldn't be that hard to swallow//" - Kev.McCall ..I won't alter the topic/point of this blog-post with his verse but hit me up on FB-chat.

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  6. I just didn't feel like it fit with the rest of the song.