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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sex VS Love

Bobbing to this def beat, bitting my left cheek messy, sending AIM messages to Wendy
..shorty I bagged, she was fresher than vegetable
Face was awesome, her body sweeter than a berry fruit

2weeks of messages from the LX
Got her sucking and bitting on my neck, we practing safe seXxX
She whispered "got damn....shitttt, beat it the best"
I told her "well, don't call me 'CaS.' no more...I'm 'Beat it-The Best' "
I can't even front....she got me forgetting the rest
..I got a tXt "if you over ya ex'...lets take it to the next"

But damn...'808' was my favorite album of the year
..s0o, how can I fall in love if I taught myself to never again care
"Welcome 2 HeartBreak"...made me heartleSs
..and "HeartLeSs" made me think less of any chick that I get next

But shorty kept hitting me up
I'm beating it up..
...every text got me visualizing of palming her butt
BUT!! guard up like a Tyson fight
seXxX is right and that pussy sweeter than "Mike&Ikes"
But I'm more afraid than a 2yr old in a room without the light
DAMN, I can't defeat the fright

...of Loving her..I fear I might fuck it up
.....another heartbreak and I'ma be hooked on that grey-truck backing up
since I been single, I been less of haters, passing class, getting ass and saving paper

My heart cold so I stay with a damn fever
still "BALLING" .....and chicks on the side like cheerleaders

I can L00K....but can't GO back like a 1-Way'er
so I gave up
...and now cupid nicknamed me "The Love Slayer"
..."Dick Slanger"
....I'm a women major
All cause I was worn out, so I hung Love like aa coat-hanger

Now all I can give girls is the "Rappa Turnt Singer"......PAIN!
Damn, I can make any chik to a singer mannn

written by: Calvin M. Chandler(ME)
credits: Google for the picture and Cecilia J. Kim(photographer)


  1. That was dope. I tried to post a comment earlier and forgot what I was saying. (well how I said it.) But anyways, basically I'll just take what you said about hanging love like a coat hanger. You can just view it like winter clothes. If you have no use for it, or if you don't want it at the moment. you hang it up, and then when the climate changes you just take it out the closet. But until then... just enjoy the "warmth" lol.

  2. EXACTLY!!!
    Dude, you're comments are adequately said and leave no room for additions.

  3. I like your poem it was cool. When I was single thats somewhat of how I felt like.