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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Our Worst Enemy

WE, ourselves, are our worst enemy. We can fight off others upon dislike/discomfort no matter if it's mentally, emotionally(in some cases), physically, etc. However, we can not compete with ourselves. We can cause ourselves so much pain(mentally/physically) and not even notice it, but even when it's noticeable it's sometimes unstoppable, and that's when it hurts most. For instance; I have a huge imagination therefore I'm very cognitive, which is not always a positive thing. So my question is: Do we ever win, when competing with ourselves? If we do win, is it ever really a lost but interpreted as a win based on ones morals? If you know for a fact that something is going to harm you, regardless the form of hurt, would you still take part in it? You can easily say no but you would be lying to yourself, because there are just somethings we can't fight off but we know it's harmful. Prime example: when you contact an ex-significant other knowing that they disrespected and misused you in more ways than one, is that not doing something that you KNOW will harm you? Next thing, you're emotionally hurt because he/she is still "punching" you where it hurts and it's really your fault because you don't have the willpower to fight your vulnerability ...or at least that's what you tell yourself! My personal issue is that I can't be quiet or isolated for too long before I start to think of what's not right in my life, and if I can't figure out how to better the situation I tend to stress myself. In this case, I can't help but think...about EVERYTHING, because I'm very cognitive but like I stated earlier "it isn't always positive". It sometimes gets frustrating because I know what I to do and not to do to prevent those times, yet I "lose" once in a while ..I guess today was ALMOST that. :)

*Word of advice for those that can relate: stay active, surround yourself with smiles and laughter, and don't listen to particular songs that will bring you to that moment of thought and what-not.


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