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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Drake - Find Your Love

*Before I go about this post: Drake lovers and not attempt to chop me because of my point of view.

Sooooo, I think Drake is very gifted and I like this song, but I think the video director may have messed the song up. In the beginning when Drake is talking to the yardi(Jamaican man) it is portrayed as if the song is about Drake trying to fight a violent guy who has a girl that actually wants Drake but is scared to leave her current man(violent guy). Then when the video starts they're in a club? No, no...the club scene was a typical and the girl was all over her current man so it portrayed that Drake was the obsessed one, as if the girl kept denying him but he just wouldn't give up. If you listen to the hook, the video could have been in a more mellow set. The video should of been about a girl breaking up with him(Drake)and Drake goes on a search to find her as she relocated to another city/state, hence "I'm more than just an option (hey, hey, heyy)....refuse to be forgotten (hey, hey, heyy)...I took a chance with my heart (hey, hey, heyy)..and I feel it taking over, ..I BETTER FIND YOUR LOVING, I BETTER FIND YOUR HEART". It clearly states how much he's in denial, and won't accept her leaving him --> "..refuse to be FORGOTTEN", so him going to search for her in her relocated area would make sense. Also "..I BETTER FIND YOUR LOVING, I BETTER FIND YOUR HEART" portrays his ambition and passionate love for her. As I bring this brief post to conclusion I just want to state that I really like THE SONG, and DRAKE as an artist..but the video could have painted a better and more congruent story (to the actual song).


  1. Didn't see the vid and now I don't want to... I like your video idea better...

    I don't want to be and refuse to be one of those bloggers that "hates" on an artist or one that is always speaking of negativity...I just sincerely think the video could have been directed better, well as far as the story-line, yes.

  3. Just watched it... I think they did good at making the girl play both parts. She had to be all over dude when the club scene hit to play the "I can't get away from him" role but then you see her cut her glare to Drake and it seems more "I wish I was with you." So I don't think he looks obsessed. I t wasn't amazing, but it wasn't bad either...

  4. Nah, I didn't say he LOOKED obsessed, but his lyrics sounds as if he he needed her if he once had her and don't want to let her the club scene, to me, made seem as if they JUST met and found love in the club....Usher!*shrugs*